Life @ DYP

Computer Centre

One click, thousands of problems solved.

The Computer Centre at DYP is air-conditioned and is equipped with computing facility with Dual Core computers connected through the Local Area Network. The facility of high-speed internet connectivity, which allows access to a wealth of intellectual resources, is an essential component of the curriculum. In order to meet the demands of contemporary education and to keep up with the state of the world, students are expected to use computers in their regular study activities.


Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

Every field of study needs resources, sources, and information gathered in one location; a library. Even though we live in a technologically advanced world, students still prefer hard copy as their preferred medium. Our library has a sizable collection of books, divided among a variety of authors, subjects, topics, magazines, and newspapers. Over 2000 books are currently in our collection.


The secret to success is written on the doors of this auditorium. One side says ‘Push,’ the other side says ‘Pull.

Shantai Auditorium is definitely a pride colossal structure of DYP. It is equipped with the most modern and audio visual facilities and a massive seating capacity. The sound proof air-conditioned auditorium is fitted with a projector, effective modern light and sound system. All the major functions are held in this auditorium which gives a variety of exposure to the students in showcasing their talents and groom their inborn virtues.


Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom.

The idea of a language laboratory seems strange to hear, yet it is distinct to DYP. The Institute instructs students in improving their written and spoken skills under the direction of communication skills specialists. Students are trained and given assistance in accordance with corporate requirements.


If you want to reach people, amphitheatre is always the best way to do it.

Located amidst the lawns, the open-air Amphitheatre of DYP is an ideal venue for organizing Industry-Institute Interactions, Events and Cultural fests.


A venue where conference and innovative ideas meet.

Dnyanaprasad Sabhagruha has seating capacity of 200 and amenities including projectors, sound systems, and internet connection. This mini auditorium is utilized for events, presentations, meetings, conferences and lectures.

Campus Cafeteria

College Canteen: A place where great ideas are born.

The cafeteria in DYP is an essential part of almost every student’s college experience. With perfect amount of time given, relaxing atmosphere, and good quality food, this is the place where students are able to relax and have fun to recharge their energy which  helps them to continue studying hard throughout the day.

Sports Ground

Champions keep playing until they get it right.

DYP Campus has a huge sports ground. The Institute promotes student participation in various outdoor and indoor games. Students are encouraged to participate in games and sports activities which include cricket, football, table tennis, volleyball and badminton.

Corporate Relations & Placement Cell

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

The Institution’s crucial division is the Training and Placement Cell. The Cell’s main goal is to help students at every stage of their career progression. Following a two-step development, Training and Placement Cell, clarifies the students’ professional goals and gives substance to their work-related aspects. The training programme provides enormous opportunities for the student’s viewpoint on the industrial environment to grow dramatically.

DYP Hostel

More than a hostel, a life experience.

Hostel life is, undoubtedly, the most enthusiastic time of a student’s life. It is definitely a memorable period which cannot be forgotten during the rest of life. It plays a vital role in the development of the personality of a student. The Institute provides hostel facilities for boys as well as girls. The hostel buildings are located close to the Campus.

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