Industry Interface

It has been a common perception that there is a gap between Industry and Academia in terms of what is required by industry and what is taught by the educational Institutions. Hence, the Institute places Academia-Industry linkages and collaborations with other Institutions on higher priority and adopts the same as Best Practices.

The Institute Industry initiatives below will ensure this gap is minimized and ultimately bridged in the following ways:

A. Objectives of the Best Practice:

  1. Curriculum development in consultation with industry for effective learning experience of Post Graduate students.
  2. Training of faculty by industry experts.
  3. Providing opportunity of real time exposure through hands-on training and internship for students & faculty.
  4. Establishing industry sponsored labs on the campus for skill enhancement of student and faculty.
  5. Planning future development of the Institute in consultation with industry and to introduce new programmes in cutting edge technologies in collaboration with industry.
  6. Addressing industry problems for their research and consultancy based solutions.
  7. Providing Postgraduate students real time learning interface.
  8. Enhancing scope of employability through student internships.

B. The Context:

  1. Academia- Industry linkages are planned based on long term and short term collaborations.
  2. Beyond the teaching, research, entrepreneurial taxonomy, the broader purpose is to contribute towards the social and economic development.
  3. Capacity building of students is done as per the demand and dynamic changes in the Industry.
  4. To bridge the credibility gaps the government policies and industry recommendations are implemented in the curriculum through entrepreneurial paradigm and academic structures.
  5. The Academic structures are modified to enable them to compete for dynamic change responding to the global competition.
  6. A collaborative effort to attain mutually compatible goals of technological innovation, enhancing global competitiveness and economic growth based on the need to establish closer ties with the community and to stimulate social, political, economic and technological forces.
  7. An opportunity to develop potential for international technology transfer and diffusion.

C. The Practice:

  1. The Institute has established an Advisory Board with Industry and Academia experts as members. These members include top management and technical experts from various fields.
  2. Industry collaborated courses will run in various Specializations.
  3. First year students will be provided corporate mentoring to give them firsthand knowledge about employment avenues, desired skill sets and best options.
  4. Faculty skill enhancement programs will be done by industry experts both on the Campus as well as in the industry.
  5. Student internships will be provided for training, leading to quality placements.
  6. Students will get the opportunity to enhance graduate skills, and ensure a smooth and effective transition between college and business environments.
  7. Students will acquire hands-on experience before finally joining the job market.
  8. Students will be kept well-informed of the latest trends in the job market and industrial needs by imparting highly pragmatic professional training.
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